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  • CharacterStrong SEL curriculum in Nucleus classes.

    Nucleus teachers will be delivering lessons from CharacterStrong during class. For information on CharacterStrong, go to
  • Community Circles/Restorative Practices -

    Staff at TIDE work with students on building community and have open discussions to come to new understandings and to resolve conflicts.
  • Star Vista Therapy Services -

    Staff at TIDE refer students needing extra mental health support to Star Vista Therapy Services. A therapist from Star Vista is on-site two times a week. More info here: StarVista StarVista Crisis Hotline: 650-579-0350
TIDE Academy
  • Wellness Center 2nd Floor -

    Students can make appointments with their counselors utilizing “Calendly.” QR codes are posted around the campus. 
    • Ms. Edelman, 9th/10th counselor,
    • Ms. Sandora, 11th/12th counselor,
    • Ms. Lamb, School Psychologist
  • Care Solace is an online resource with a live 24/7 concierge meant to assist individuals in finding local mental health-related programs and counseling services. Care Solace is a tool for school staff and families to connect with community-based mental healthcare resources and providers. Connect with mental healthcare resources to find carefully vetted local therapists and programs in minutes. Counselors will provide referrals to students and families in need of extra support outside of school. 
  • San Mateo County Health 24 Hour Crisis Hotlines
    • 650-579-0350
    • 800-273-8255
  • Adolescent Counseling Services, Redwood City, CA
    General Information: 650.424.0852
    Intake Line: 650.424.0852 x108