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Providing Sudent Voice
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Providing Student Voice at TIDE Academy -  A small high school in menlo park
First, rocking your vote is the best way to ensure your voice is heard.  When you vote and elect students into leadership roles, these students will directly affect the school, the culture, and the students at TIDE.
Second, if students would like to have their voice heard to TIDE’s Student Leadership Team, they should follow these steps:
  • Work with a teacher, advisor, or other TIDE staff to send an email about your concern(s) to the Activities Director and the current ASB President. Your email may not attack, demean, or bully in any way.
  • Your concerns will be discussed.  The ASB President and/or Activities Director will contact you to discuss next steps, which may be inviting you to address all of TIDE’s leadership with your concern.
    • If you are invited to attend a TIDE leadership meeting, the ASB President and/or Activities Director will provide you with time to talk and address the whole elected student body. 
    • Please stick exclusively to the items you shared previously, any new topics that arise can be scheduled/ petitioned for another meeting.
  • The TIDE student body will take the time to consider your concern(s).  Possible additional research will be done. The ASB President and/or Activities Director will contact you with outcomes based on your concern.
*These procedures and structures are created to provide a container for equity of voice for all participants.

2020-21 School Year Contacts:
Activities Director: Ms. Leeson
ASB President: Solomon

ASB 2020 Elections Results
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We had a strong election.

There was a great competition in two of our positions, with good videos that spoke to the student body and the issues.
Congratulations to all.

Newly elected officers for TIDE Leadership:

President: Solomon
Vice-President: Niki
Treasurer: Annika
9th Grade Class President: Siya