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1. What makes TIDE Academy unique?
TIDE Academy is a small school that prepares students for STEAM careers through Computer Science, Early College Program, four-year math requirement, and interdisciplinary curriculum centered around design thinking and project-based learning. Students benefit from small class sizes where teachers offer personalized attention and support with innovative, research-based instructional techniques. In order to ensure safe learning spaces for all students, social-emotional learning and restorative justice are regular, explicit components of TIDE’s curriculum.
2. What is the enrollment process?
Per Sequoia Union High School District's enrollment policy, applications to TIDE Academy are accepted during the open enrollment window. In the event there are more applicants than spaces, there is a lottery for admission. District Enrollment Policy
3. If we apply to TIDE, what happens to the status of our "Home School" in SUHSD?
This year, families who apply will be notified in March if they are admitted into TIDE Academy. Admitted applicants have the option to accept their place in TIDE Academy, which will move them to have TIDE Academy as their "Home School" and at this point their default home school as determined by home address is forfeited. If a family does not receive admission to TIDE Academy due to capacity limitations and a lottery, or if they opt not to accept their place at the time of admission, then they still can retain their default "Home School" site within SUHSD.
4. Is TIDE Academy a charter school?
TIDE Academy is not a charter school; it is small public school that is part of the Sequoia Union High School District.
5. Does TIDE Academy offer sports and other extracurricular activities?
TIDE will offer a range of traditional athletic programs through membership in CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) during the school’s first year, with the goal of expanding the sports program as the school grows. Additional extracurricular offerings will be determined by TIDE students’ interests.
6. Will my student be able to participate in extracurricular programs at other school campuses?
As per district policy, students may only participate in TIDE’s extracurricular activities.
7. What transportation options exist to and from TIDE?
TIDE Academy is working with local transportation agencies to provide shuttles and reduce the number of cars delivering students to school. This information will be updated once plans are finalized.
8. How do TIDE students receive college-credit for courses completed during high school?
TIDE is partnered with local community colleges to offer courses on our campus, which all of our students enroll in. Students will receive college credit for these courses and have the opportunity to finish up to two years of college while earning a high school diploma. These dual enrollment courses are in lieu of AP courses. Students will complete the A-G requirements for admission into a four-year university and have the opportunity to complete one additional year of study at the community college level if they wish to apply and enter the California State or University of California systems as a junior.
9. Do you support students with special needs?
TIDE Academy supports students with learning differences and case management will be dictated based on a student's IEP.