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TIDE Academy's Administration Team
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Photo of Simone

Simone Kennel


Why TIDE Academy - As a lifelong educator at heart, I am excited to serve as the Principal at TIDE Academy. The start of the 2021 school marked the beginning of my 29th year in education and my 20th year with the Sequoia Union High School District.  I look forward to serving our collective community at TIDE, which is a very special, unique gem in the Sequoia Union High School District and one I am thrilled to be part of.


Tina Smith

 Vice Principal

Why TIDE Academy - TIDE is an exciting school as it's a unique small comprehensive high school in Sequoia Union High School District. I'm excited to be part of the intimate setting of a small school and have the opportunity to help open up the school. (How often does an educator have the opportunity to open a school and build school culture?). I also appreciate the innovative staff, where the curriculum is linked across several subjects, and Career Technical Education is part of every single student's experience at TIDE.

 Rocio Chavez

   School Secretary

  I enjoy working with students and families. It gives me the joy to work in this community.



TIDE Academy's Counseling and Wellness Team
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 Lara Sandora

   Lead Counselor

   Mrs. Sandora is excited to support TIDE Academy students in finding and pursuing their post-high school pathways as a school and college and counselor. She is excited to be at a small school and is enjoying getting to know the students. 

 Ming Hsu


   Why TIDE Academy - I have worked at two large comprehensive high schools in the past 7 years and am excited to be a part of a small setting, the Astronaut Family, where I can connect with students at a more personal level. 

 Cristal Hernandez



  To be part of small and new school and be part of the development of TIDE. Enjoy working with students and hoping to get to know many students and families at TIDE.


 Melissa Lamb

   School Psychologist

   TIDE allows me to get to know and work with students on a more personal level than if I was at a large school.

 Lauren Reiser

  Mental Health Support Specialist

  Why TIDE Academy - I am honored to be at TIDE supporting such a diverse, creative set of students with their mental health and wellbeing. It is unique to be a part of such a tight-knit community and "young" school, where students are shaping more and more ways to build a supportive culture. I am excited to work closely with students and staff on new wellness initiatives!
Heidi. JPG

 Heidi Flaig

   School Nurse

  Why TIDE Academy - Coming Soon
Jackie Farias.JPG

 Jackie Farias

   Health Aide

  Why TIDE Academy - Coming Soon

TIDE Academy's Teaching Team
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John Allen.JPG

John Allen

Spanish Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - I thoroughly enjoy this small, yet unique, school setting here at TIDE.  I enjoy working at a STEAM-focused high school that offers career technical education pathways and dual-enrolled classes with Foothill College. I MOST love the students we serve in this community.

TIDE Academy Staff Bio Photo

Joel Basquez

Education Specialist

Why TIDE Academy -I spent the past few years at Menlo-Atherton High School working with an incredible staff and student population. I joined TIDE Academy so that I could be a part of the school's emerging programs and help all students meet their post-secondary goals by providing equitable opportunities and support. 

TIDE Academy Staff Bio Photo

Cat Cole

Social Studies Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - Cat is excited to be a teacher at TIDE because she believes in our Mission and Vision of providing engaging project-based learning.  Closing race and gender gaps in the STEM field here in Silicon Valley is also something she believes in.  


Hector Cornejo

Physical Education Teacher

Athletic Director

Why TIDE Academy - TIDE Academy was a perfect fit for me to evolve as an educator. TIDE has a great program that provides multiple learning and social opportunities to its students. In addition, I wanted to start my teaching career in a small school and in the same community I grew up. 


Karen Cortez

Education Specialist

Why TIDE Academy - I love TIDE Academy because it is a beautiful small school that offers individualized support to our diverse students. Our STEAM-focused school encourages our students to use technology and their unique creativity to become strong innovators. At TIDE we support our students' individual learning styles, encourage their continued growth, and celebrate their accomplishments. 

TIDE Academy Staff Bio Photo

Michael Davis

Science Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - Coming soon!


Sreemayee Ghosh

Graphic & Interactive Design Teacher

Mentor/Intern Program Coordinator

Why TIDE Academy - TIDE Academy with its focus on Dual Enrollment and STEM Curriculum, offers a unique opportunity for people like me with diverse Industry as well as Academic experience to bring their industry skills and academic expertise into the classroom and provide an enriching career-ready learning program for students. I hope to make a big difference in a school like TIDE still in its nascent stage with many opportunities for growth.
This year I'm excited to be wearing several hats in addition--managing the school website, coordinating the Mentor Program for Juniors, and also helping create the new TIDE Choir Team. 


Carmen Gutierrez 

Spanish and Bilingual Resource Teacher

Why TIDE Academy -  I’m looking to really get to know my students at a deeper level and TIDE provides the perfect opportunity.


Jim Karditzas

Math Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - I came to TIDE with the hope of creating a math program that met the needs of all our students. This required a flexible and accessible curriculum and a pathway to college level courses as students advanced. 

TIDE Academy Staff Bio Photo

Brian Klackle

Computer Science Teacher

Innovation Lab Manager/ Tech Coordinator

Why TIDE Academy - Because I wanted to be a part of something different. I want to help young adults figure out their passions then help develop the skills necessary to power their future ventures. 

TIDE Academy Staff Bio Photo

Daphne McCann

English Teacher

Recruitment Lead

Why TIDE Academy - I was excited about the opportunity to help create and build a brand new program. The small school setting has also allowed me to get to know my students much better, and therefore, I've been able to provide more support for them. Getting the chance to teach my old students again means that we get into deeper learning much faster because we already know each other.

TIDE Academy Staff Bio Photo

Maria Pimentel

Education Specialist

Why TIDE Academy - Coming soon!


Ryan Stagg

Math Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - This is my 5th year at TIDE Academy. I left my previous teaching job to participate in the exciting process of developing and opening a brand new high school. It has been an amazing adventure.


Christine Turk

English Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - I love the students here at TIDE! Our students are curious, creative, and driven. Every day, they inspire me to grow as an educator.

TIDE Academy - 250 by 250 px wide

Cherie Cohen

Science Teacher, Students Activities Director

Why TIDE Academy - Coming soon!

TIDE Academy - 250 by 250 px wide

Nicholas McKeon

English Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - Coming soon!

TIDE Academy - 250 by 250 px wide

Danielle Chavez

Social Studies Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - Coming soon!


Daisey Velasquez


Why TIDE Academy - Being at a smaller tight knit school intrigued me to gravitate towards TIDE. To be able to get to know the staff and faculty on a better level. Most importantly get to know a lot of the students closely, build great bonds and trust with each individually. 

TIDE Academy - 250 by 250 px wide

Cherie Cohen

Science Teacher, Students Activities Director

Why TIDE Academy - Coming soon!

Mr. Malpica

David Malpica

Graphic & Interactive Design Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - TIDE offers a really nice mix of academic and social emotional programs that align well with my teaching philosophy. In addition, my cultural, professional, and academic background are a solid fit for TIDE's programs and a bridge for the diverse community that TIDE serves.

 Parmveer Masuta 

   Art Teacher and Yearbook Advisor

   Why TIDE Academy - Coming Soon


Norma Rodea Hernandez

Algebra I Teacher

Why TIDE Academy - TIDE's small setting is ideal! It makes it easier to build meaningful relationships with my students and provide them with the supports that they need. It's also a wonderful community staffed with individuals who want what's best for our students. 


 Joanne Yao

   English 9 Teacher

  Why TIDE Academy - I'm excited to be a part of a tight-knit, inclusive community and a small school setting where we all get behind the same equity goals. This opportunity to work closely with our students at TIDE is truly a rarity. 

 Adriana O. Stone


  Why TIDE Academy -TIDE is a diverse, small, and friendly place that allows students, teachers, staff, and families to form a strong community. I am excited to have the opportunity to join the TIDE community and support and encourage its diverse, innovative student body. I'm also looking forward to teaching the first graduating class of TIDE Academy!

TIDE Academy's Support Staff
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Fatima Aguilar Villicana

Campus Security Aide

Why TIDE Academy - Coming soon!

Dawn Johnson

Dawn Johnson

Food Services Lead

Why TIDE Academy - Coming soon!
Jacob Delao

  Jacob Delao 


      Why TIDE Academy - Coming Soon

Staff Photo

Dalila Amezcua

Bilingual Site Parent Liaison

Why TIDE Academy-

Happy to be able to contribute to the well-being of this little gem in the TIDE community in reference to school communication with our parents. Education begins at home and continues at school, so communication has to be strong between the two. I have always been of service to our community since the beginning of my career with the Boys and Girls Club for almost ten years. Seeking growth in the educational department I continued at Woodside High School for eight years supporting youth and informing parents of our district's resources. My priority is to keep our parents connected and informed.  Above all to keep our parents participating in the education of our students to achieve the love for education that every student deserves.



Iriam Menjivar

School Secretary

Why TIDE Academy - Coming Soon!

TIDE Academy Staff Bio Photo

Eder Rivera Pavon

Campus Security Aide

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