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At TIDE, all students take four years of Social Studies to satisfy the district’s graduation requirement as well as to fulfill A-G requirements for admission to the University of California system.  The course sequence includes Life Skills, Ethnic Studies, World Studies, U.S. History, American Government, and Economics.
Our 11th grade U.S. history class at TIDE Academy is dual-enrolled, allowing students to earn college credits while also earning high school credits for the same course. Taking dual enrolled courses prepares students for the transition to college by earning college credit in high school, and helps students jump ahead in their postsecondary education. Dual enrollment courses are taught in partnership with Foothill College. 
Our Social Studies department commits to teaching rigorous academic standards while engaging students in hands-on projects.  In addition, we prioritize:
  • Multiple diverse perspectives, points of view, and interpretations of history
  • Interactions with primary source texts 
  • In-depth research experiences (including navigating academic databases and styles of citation)
  • Connections to current events

Student Work
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Women in STEM student podcast:

“Shattering The Glass Ceiling” by Nisha, Emme, Annie and Jordan Top of Page

Untold Stories Gallery Exhibit

After exploring the topic of dominant and counter-narratives in history, students set out to research untold stories that are missing from history textbooks.  Each student chose their own topic to research and also created a visual art piece using the laser cutters in our TIDE Innovation Lab.  The final pieces were showcased in a gallery exhibit at the Menlo Park Library.
TIDE Academy - Student Work

Student Work - Systems Thinking Podcasts

Students formed groups to explore different social systems including the Education System, Transportation System, Economic System, Political System, and Criminal Justice System.  Each group narrowed down their topic to a specific local issue and conducted research and interviews in order to create an original podcast episode.  Two groups even won Honorable Mention in the NPR Student Podcast Challenge!  Check out the website students built to showcase their final podcast episodes:
TIDE Academy - Student Work