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District Wide Broadcast Message

2020/2021 School Year

 Interim Comprehensive Assessments
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Student Testing Wednesday 11/18/2020

To help us understand our areas of strength and growth, you will take a math and a literacy test on Wednesday, November 18th.  The exam is called the Interim Comprehensive Assessments (ICAs).  If you are a 10th grader, you may remember taking similar tests last year.  Comparing overall student performance last year to this year will give us data on our growth and will allow us to pinpoint areas for improvement and additional support.
You will take these tests at home in Canvas.  They will not be timed and they will not count for or against your class grades.  Completion of the tests will be used for your attendance record on November 18th.
On testing day, please find the tests in your grade-level Canvas course (9th Grade or 10th Grade).  On the homepage, click the test you are going to take first.  Please make sure to follow the instructions written on the page for each test.  Click here about how to find the tests and other important reminders.
Please take these tests independently and give us your best effort.  If you find some of the tests challenging, it is okay.  Including questions that not all students can answer helps us know where to add more support.  
While the ICAs are not timed, we have suggested a timeframe/bell schedule to take the ICAs.
TIDE Academy - Testing Schedule

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Zoom Problems? 
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Zoom Problems for TIDE Students
We are working through some issues with zoom. Please review the new help videos click here to go to Zoom support now!

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